We Specialize in Delivering items to Mexico, as well as Health products: Anti-Aging, for Human Longevity and Well-Being

We have over 18 years experience delivering items to Mexico, which makes us the Number 1 choice for excellence in this field.


Extended Roads Delivery is the most efficient and economical delivery service to Mexico with a weekly service. We also offer Mail Service to San Miguel de Allende and other ​cities 

in Mexico.

At the same time, through Extending Lives, we bring to you the best Health Supplements in the market. Extending Lives has been in the Health and Fitness business since 1997 and we are available to consult on health products. We specialize in Anti-Aging, Human Longevity and Well-Being, and we are a wholesale distributor for the Life Extension Foundation and other organizations, which means high-quality anti-aging products at a discounted price.

Extending Lives publishes a bi-weekly newsletter on anti-aging and longevity, in conjunction with research from Life Extension Foundation and the Anti-Aging Research Institute.

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Ross Macdonald

Director & Founder

Ross Macdonald is a dual citizen. He is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness for Seniors. Over his 20 plus years in Mexico, he has become a Certified Vitamin and Supplement Consultant, owned a full-service gym and a Spa for healing and beauty. He has written over 150 articles on health, exercise and supplements for Mexican newspapers. Presently, he is concentrating his writings on Anti-Aging and Human Longevity.


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