Saltillo is the oldest city in north-eastern Mexico, Coahuila’s capital, and one of the country’s most dynamic industrial centers, which is also renowned for its production of the traditional multi-colored Mexican blanket, the sarape.

The steel cross on the tower of the Cathedral of Santiago is visible throughout the city, this cathedral being one of the largest and most beautiful ones in Mexico.

Saltillo is a commercial, communications, and manufacturing center, although its traditional production include pottery, ceramic tiles, and textiles, including the city’s famous fine woolen serapes (blankets used as shawls or bedspreads).


The city is also renowned by the manufacture of machinery and engines, and automobiles which are built in Ramos Arizpe, immediately to the north. Saltillo is a service center for coal in nearby mountains, the mining of gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, iron, and it is also a consumer of cereals, vegetables, and livestock in its vicinity. The famous Autonomous University of Coahuila was established in 1867. Saltillo is connected by a major railroad and a highway link to Monterrey and Torreón, and towards the South to Mexico City.

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