What our customers say about us...

It is always a pleasure to showcase our client's experiences when using our services. We always strive for excellence and are often awarded with wonderful comments.

“Hi, I’ve found Amazon Mexico to be way too expensive to buy from so I use Extended Roads Delivery service, have Amazon in the US ship my products free to the Texas address, then pay a nominal fee for Extended Roads to bring it to their office on Salida de Celaya in their weekly deliveries. Never had a problem, and you don’t have to join and pay an annual fee. Look up their website through

Extended Roads Delivery SMA.”

— Vanessa DR.

I have worked with Extended Roads and Extending Lives for some time not but the one thing that gets me is how do they do it? Their prices are great… I stopped shipping with other carriers because Extended Roads beats them all the way…

Their prices and customer care is great. I would recommend

them in a flash….

— Ricardo V.

“Lordy thanks for that info.....that medication is VERY EXPENSIVE  !!!!   YOU'RE THE BEST ROSS.  Also, I can't thank you enough for giving my friend M., 84, a break on all that foodstuff her daughter had sent her......meant a lot to M. & me.  I have warned her against any such shipments in the future!!!”

— Michael K.

Nylabone sent the S.P.A. 72 bones – different sizes to work for our variety of dogs.  We had tried to get a donation from them before, but did not qualify because of the fact that we’re in Mexico and they don’t donate to charities in Mexico.

It was amazing that they

finally said “yes.”
Thank you very much for helping the S.P.A. get these fabulous treats for our dogs. Your help made it possible!

— Megan G.

“Just want to say
how great you are!!!!

Thank you Ross for running such a great business!! 

I got my laptop

& my new iPhone!

You guys are so dependable!!!
I cannot thank you enough! You are doing a great service for all of us who Iive here in

San Miguel de Allende,

I really like using your service and always recommend it.

— Linda K. / Isabella de A.

“This is a real service, Ross. I thank YOU! You have a long-term LEF customer.

— Teresa B.

Worked with both organisations and have always been happy with the results. Nothing like quality vitamins and and packages at fair prices that arrive on time.

— Jeff C.

“Great!  Thank you so much Ross.  I appreciate you sticking

with things to be sure

I received my box!!!”

— Judy J.